The goal was to create a thrilling experience for the attendants of the Darwin’s Circle Conference 2019 in Palais Ferstel in Vienna. Many creative minds from all around the world come together to talk about the future of technology such as robotics and A.I. for example.

Main Character Floating In Space
Flight Into The VR-Headset

In the beginning the main character is seen floating in space, because that’s probably one of the sectors where humanity will research and explore in the future. He slowly grabs a VR-Headset in which the viewer will fly in to experience the same as the main character.


The lighttunnels are transitions between different keypoints during the trip. They are tubes with different displacement textures und emmissive materials. I also added some cloners for the emmisive rings.

Quote Nelson Mandela
DMC-12 In Space

As the viewer leaves the lighttunnels they are confronted with a quote of a famous person or an object of the mentioned topics. The viewer is also constantly followed by a glowing cable which also connects the tunnels and the objects.

End Screen

In the end the viewer again sees the main character hovering behind the earth and the glowing cable, which connects with the earth. The citylights of the earth start to lighten up and show that humanity can achieve amazing goals if they work together and share their knowledge, which is the aim of the Darwin’s Circle Conference.

The video was displayed on a big LED-Wall in Palais Ferstel in Vienna and also used as a background-image during each talk.

Raphael Heiser / September 2019