This project was a personal project I made for fun. I really like the music of Guns’N’Roses, especially November Rain (well, all of their songs are masterpieces). And which music would fit better to a dramatic logo animation than Slash’s epic guitar solo in the ending of the song?
During the creation of this video I worked a lot with Substance Painter to produce textures which fitted my needs. I learned a lot about the program and have to say, that it’s a nice piece of software!

No.1: The Outer Ring
No.2: Double Guns

For the guns I really abused the worn edge look, but i wanted to make them look old and rough to make it fit to the image of a hard-rock-band. In Octane I used a pre-made metal-roughness-workflow material from the Octane LiveDataBase, because at the time of production Octane didn’t have the Octane Universal Material they later implemented.

No.3: The Metal Rose

The roses are just some cloned Subdivision-Surface Planes, which were then deformed using the Brush-Tool.

No.4: Part Assembly
No.5: The Finale

At first I wanted to add some muzzle flashes to the guns when the hit the plate, but that idea was quickly abandoned as it would be a little bit over the top.

Raphael Heiser / April 2018